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  • Training Center
  • Bookkeeper services for enterprises
  • Legal services
  • Help in attracting the EU financing

Finanšu projektu aģentura LLC offers:

  • Preparation, audit and analysis of initial accounting;
  • Accounting and tax accounting using initial documents submitted by client ;
  • Preparation of accounting balance sheets and related reports, as well as reports required by tax register and other regulations;
  • Preparation of operating balance, statement and annual report;
  • Consultations on accounting and taxation legislation matters;
  • Tax minimization;
  • Elaboration of the accounting policy of an enterprise
  • Financial analysis of enterprise’s commercial activity;
  • Elaboration of business plans;
  • Preparation of application form and business plan for receiving a loan;
  • Audit;
  • Elaboration of labor safety documentation;
  • Consultations on attraction of funding from the EU structural funds;
  • Registration of an enterprise in the Republic of Latvia;
  • Assistance in legal matters.


Andre Sadzīves tehnikas serviss

Andre Sadzīves tehnikas serviss

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