Accounting services for enterprises

Accounting is a separate country, a small country where permanent order prevails. Competent accounting, clear definition of work methods, use of licensed software makes our enterprise successful and reliable.

Currently we provide full or partial accounting services:

  • financial accounting in all registers using an automated accounting system 1C;
  • elaboration of accounting policy for enterprises;
  • processing of primary documentation;
  • creation of all accounting registers;
  • preparation of accounting and tax reports;
  • client support in the issues related to tax legislation;
  • preparation of internal documentation and financial reports for enterprise;
  • preparation of external accounting reports for enterprise;
  • reports for statistics institutions;
  • personnel records and documentation;
  • consultations on accounting and tax legislation;
  • minimization of taxes;
  • analysis of enterprise's economic activity, moreover we offer the following services:
  • audit of the enterprise's annual report;
  • elaboration of business plan;
  • elaboration of application and business plan for obtaining a loan;
  • consultations on attraction of funding from the EU structural funds;
  • preparation of registration documentation for the enterprise register in Latvia;
  • legal services.
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