Financial account auditing

Since 2010 SIA „Finanšu projektu aģentūra” collaborates with a commercial company of certified auditors and accountants “Orients Audit & Finance” ( and we offer our services in financial account auditing. „Orients Audit & Finance” is licensed by Latvian Association of Certified Auditors.

According to Section 91 of „The annual accounts and consolidated accounts law” of Latvian Republic: (1) If a capital company, co-operative society, European co-operative society and European commercial company registered in Latvia indicators exceed two of the criteria referred to in Section 54, Paragraph two of this Law, as well as if transferable securities of a company are admitted to trading on the regulated market of Member States, its prepared annual accounts shall be audited by a sworn auditor in accordance with the Law On annual reports of enterprises.

The criteria referred to in Section 54 are :

  • balance sheet total – 400 000 EUR
  • net turnover – 800 000 EUR
  • average number of employees in the accounting year – 25.

The dates and prices for our services in financial account auditing will be established during discussion and through mutual agreement of both sides before signing the contract.

By signing the contract, you will also obtain free consultations about organisation of bookkeeping and taxes, and an opportunity to attend a free seminar about compiling annual account which will take place in Daugavpils.

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