EU funding

Attraction of EU funding

We offer professional consultations on the project cycle including:

  • Formulation of project;
  • Identification of appropriate program;
  • Elaboration of project application;
  • Elaboration of procurement documentation;
  • Coordination of accompanying documentation;
  • Elaboration of final report before obtaining fundinding.

We have successful experience in acquisition of the EU structural funds programs: the European Regional Development fund (ERDF), the European Agricultural fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), the Cohesion fund (CF), the European Social fund (ESF) and the European Fisheries fund (EFF).

In addition, we assisted in attracting funds for enterprises using other international financial instruments including Norwegian financial instruments, Climate change financial instrument (CCFI), European Economic Area financial instruments etc.

We have submitted more than 150 projects and have attracted funding of 50m EUR since our enterprise was established in 2001.


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