Legal services

„Finanšu projektu aģentūra” LLC offers a wide range of legal services:

  • Comprehensive legal services for enterprises;
  • Preparation of documents for the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Legal and registration services for non-resident enterprises;
  • Preparation of legal documents;
  • Consultations on legal matters.

Comprehensive legal services for enterprises:

  • Preparation of legal documents and representation of a person in deals;
  • Support and representation of a person in government institutions;
  • Elaboration of administrative documents;
  • Assistance in urgent matters;
  • Regular client notification about changes in legislative acts according to the sphere of operation;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining of license etc.

Comprehensive legal services include long- term provision of legal and other corresponding services.

Preparation and submission of documents to the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia:

  • Preparation of registration documentation (application, agreement on foundation, meeting minutes of founders, regulations, notification about hereditary investing in statutory capital, register of shares and other documents);
  • Verification of company name in the Commercial Register;
  • Registration of companies of various business forms, affiliates, dealers, public organisations and cooperatives;
  • Amendments in foundation documents and in company’s administrating authorities;
  • Review a case in Commercial Register on client’s behalf, analysis of documents;
  • Representation of client’s interests at the Commercial Register;
  • Company restructuring and liquidation of business;
  • Request of statements and other documents.

Registration of non-resident’s Latvian enterprise and legal service:

  • Registration of companies of various business forms, affiliates, dealers, public organisations and cooperatives;
  • Opening of enterprise’s account in Latvia;
  • Making of a postal address in Latvia;
  • Registration of a fax number in Latvia;
  • Legal services.

Preparation of legal documents:

  • Different contracts (purchase contracts, agreements of lease, hire contracts, labour contract, contracts of cession, contracts of an enterprise, gift agreements, cooperation agreements, contracts of pledge(mortgage), etc.);
    • Letters of attorney;
    • Claims, announcements and demands;
    • Pre-trial  warning;
    • Requests and other submissions;
    • Letters and applications;
  • Complaints, including private complaints, appeals and cassation appeals on court judgement;
    • Preparation of written explanations addressed to the court;
    • Preparation of other procedural documents, including preparation of settlement;
    • Consultations and representation in solving of all matters mentioned above.

Consultations on legal matters and other legal services:

  • Recovery of debts from legal and natural persons in pre-trial (claims, warnings) and trial procedures;
  • Labour law:
    • Preparation of personnel documentation (labour contracts, orders, job instructions, notices of termination, agreements, consultations, providing opinions);
    • Provision of legal advise and decisions;
  • Commercial law;
  • Administrative law;
  • Tax legislation;
  • Civil law (dissolution of marriage, recovery of alimony payment; division of property between spouses, determination of communication order between parent and child, determination and challenging of paternity);
  • Inheritance law;
  • Residential tenancy and property laws, deals with real estate;
  • Representation in courts and arbitration courts. 
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