Registration of an enterprise in Latvia

Common requirements for the registration of a company:

  1. Company's or enterprise's name must include an indication on the type of business activity “limited liability company”(LLC), “joint-stock company”(JSC), “individual merchant”, "limited partnership" (LP), "general partnership"(GP). Indication on the type of business activity should be placed before or after the name of the company.

Branch of a foreign company may have its own name which shall include:


  1. name of a foreign company;
  2. name of a branch or indication on its location;
  3. word "branch".
  4. Only Latin or Latvian alphabet can be used in the name of the company;
  5. It is forbidden to include incorrect indications on the important commercial or legal aspects, especially regarding business activity or volume of activity.  

All documents in foreign languages that are about to be submitted to the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia shall be accompanied by their translation into Latvian in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers regulations No.291 "Procedures for the Certification of Document Translations in the Official Language", which came into force on 22 August 2000. If a document issued abroad is public, the translation must be notarized.

 Documents issued abroad can be:

1. public;

2. private.

In accordance with the Hague convention of 5 October 1961 on Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation of Foreign public documents, regarded as public are documents:

  1. documents issued by a governmental organisation or responsible authorities related to state courts or tribunals, including the documents issued by prosecutor, court secretary or process server;
  2. administrative acts;
  3. notary acts;
  4. assertions of private documents.

A public document issued abroad comes into legal force in the Republic of Latvia after the process of legalisation. Unclear aspects of the legalisation process can be explained in the Council Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The procedure of document legalisation for the member countries of Hague convention is simplified. The documents issued in these countries do not have to undergo complicated procedure of legalisation, but in accordance with the third Hague convention article 1, document has to be accompanied by uniform certificate-apostille.

Documents issued by the countries, which have an agreement on provision of legal assistance with the Republic of Latvia, do not require a specific certificate if these documents were issued by the competent institution or state authorised representative and are sealed with the national coat of arms.

For private documents issued abroad the same conditions as to the documents issued in the Republic of Latvia are applied.

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